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My girlfriend says that she needs space


Hello Rosie,

This is the thing, my girl just had a baby about a year ago and I told her that she should stay at home and look after the baby. I told her not to worry, that I will hold down the bills, rent and day to day needs.  All was going well until she said that she wanted more out of life than being a mom. So she went back to work and that was the beginning of the end.  Now she is going out with friends, flirting with her male co-workers, and telling me that she needs “space” and she may go back to live with her parents. I don’t get it, where did we, or I go wrong? I thought we were going to get married in the near future and build our family. Rosie, she broke my heart and I am so hurt. Now our daughter is going to suffer.


Dear Betrayed,

I can hear it through your letter that you feel very betrayed and side-swiped by your girlfriend.  But something tells me this didn’t just happen overnight and there must have been some telltale signs happening for a while for this to come to a head like this.

Before I go further, have you examined what you may have done within the last year or so to trigger this new attitude from your girlfriend? This sounds like a woman who has been hurt and is “getting back” at you. I just really had to ask. Now, have you thought about couple’s counselling? I think this will help if you BOTH are willing. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is worth it.

You guys really need to seek intervention immediately. It will help you determine why you are on this path.  Please know that it isn’t impossible to overcome these challenges, but it will require work from the both of you.  I truly wish you the best.


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