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My neighbour makes a fuss for everything


Hi Rosie,

I have a neighbour who starts fights with everyone on the block. It is amazing what she can blow into a big deal. Recently she decided to complain to me that my son drives down the block and the music is too loud! Now, come on! Really? I asked her if she doesn’t have anything better to do with her life but harass people. She got angry and said the next time she could hear the music coming from the car she is going to call the police. Is she crazy? What should I do? I mean she is fighting with another neighbour across the street because the dog has peed in front of her house. Another one, the child can’t ride her bike in front of her house and the list goes on.

What should I do? 

Dear What should I do?,

Ok, let me say that this one about the dog and the bike takes the cake. It sounds like your neighbour may have a slight mental issue of her own and anything out of her norm is just too much for her.

I would go to my local police precinct/station to find out YOUR rights. It is better to be informed and educated about where you stand, so when someone comes with what seems to be a lot of ignorance you can stand in your truth.

On another tip, it is important to be compassionate when it comes to people that seem to be “different”, they may be going through “something”, this doesn’t mean to go hug them and sing Kumbaya, but it is important to recognize people who are going through a struggle.

Finally, for real, is your son blasting the music so much that it is shaking the pictures off the walls as he drives by? If he is, maybe you could ask him to bring it down a few decibels? I’m just trying to cover all your bases. Get educated and also be compassionate as well.


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