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My girl friend and I are both cheating


Hey Rosie,

My girlfriend is cheating. I know this because I saw her with the man and they were kissing on the beach. She doesn’t know that I saw her. This happened two weeks ago and I am pissed!
The reason I have not confronted her is that I’m seeing her friend, and now, to me, we are even. I know it sounds wack, but it is what it is. Truthfully, I feel that she can do what she is doing once I can do what I want as well. The trick is that we live together, have a son and I don’t want to break that up. Otherwise I really don’t care what she does, but I don’t want to loose my son to another man.


Dear help,

Whoa! This is really messed up! It is ridiculous to me and it sounds like your relationship is on its way out. Plus this game you guys are playing is very dangerous!

Look, have you ever heard of co-parenting? I think this is your answer. Cheating and creeping around surely isn’t. Your words were: “I really don’t care what she does”.  This is sad to hear and this was a real statement as well.  Adding in with the fact that you BOTH are cheating, this is screaming that it’s basically over.

Be mature, both of you sit down and be real about what is really in your hearts. Then, work out what is best for your child and how you would be able to be smart, level-headed and respectful parents, putting your child first. Otherwise this farce will become very toxic really quickly!
Do the right thing, and good luck.


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