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I had to move in with my sister and now she treats me like a kid


Hey Rosie

I am having a problem with my sister. I had a problem at my last place and had to move into my sister’s house with my girlfriend and her son who is two. Rosie, it is hard! I give my sister money for the light and water, plus I give her money for food. The three of us live in one of her bedrooms and she gave me one shelf in the fridge and a shelf in the cupboard. I can use the stove once a day and the baby can’t have any toys outside of the bedroom. She complains if he cries and we can’t have the tv on in our room after a certain time.

Rosie, I feel like I’m a kid again and it wasn’t even this bad when I was a kid. She also would ask us randomly when are we leaving? Believe me, I can’t leave fast enough, but I’m trying to save the money. How can I ask her to be more respectful of my family? I’m about to tell her off!


Dear Stuck,

This one is pretty simple, you will have to suck it up until you can do better. Your choices are limited at the moment.

I think she’s trying to make it so uncomfortable that you would want to leave ASAP.   She did a generous thing to let you stay with her. Some family would have flatly said “no”.  

So keep saving your money and trying to play nicely with her all at once. Every time you feel like you are about to loose your temper go and take a walk or a drive to clear your head.

One thing is for sure, you will definitely appreciate your independence and privacy once you do move out! Good luck my friend, deep breaths!


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