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Hard to say goodbye to my employers


Hi Rosie,

My question is really simple, I just received a great job offer and I am going to take it.  The problem is that I have been working with this very small Mom and Pop operation for over 12 years and they have been good to my family and myself.  They will feel betrayed, but this opportunity will allow me to advance, make more money and it offers better long-term benefits.  How do I tell them without hurting their feelings?


Dear Torn,

I can tell this is hard for you and that you do feel a deep sense of loyalty to your current employers as well. So you will have to gently sit them down to explain the new changes that lie ahead for you both.

Please make sure that you explain to your new employers that you would like to give your current employers enough notice so they could fill your spot as seamlessly as they can.  Even though they may be surprised by your announcement, you can either give them a letter expressing how grateful and thankful you are for all that they have done for you.  Or simply have a heart to heart regarding the reasons why you are moving on.

Make sure that you give them the opportunity to express how they feel, this is very important. Don’t take it too personally, it may be a little bumpy initially, but they will come around in the long run.  One thing about this life is that you can’t prevent people from moving on and progressing.

I truly wish you every success going forward.  Change is a part of growth, congrats my friend!


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