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My family went on a fun filled weekend without me


Hey Rosie,

I have stopped talking to my sister and brother in law.  I saw that they had invited my other sister, parents and close cousin out for the weekend (all expense paid) and never asked me!  When I asked her why didn’t she ask me she said that she didn’t think it was my “thing”!  What does that mean Rosie?  I am good enough to ask for money when you are in a jam, pick you up when your car isn’t running, co-sign for many loans, but you couldn’t ask me to join the family?  Granted she did not invite my other brother who lives in another state and myself, but it really hurt my feelings. I tried to talk to our Mom about it and she said that I was too sensitive and sometimes I didn’t know how to let my hair down and relax!  Rosie, I am truly hurt and offended and I don’t know what to do.  Should I just let it go?  Or do I sit my family down and let them have it?  I really just want to distance myself for a while.


Hello Dumped,

I totally get it, this is like being slapped in the face and being told at the same time to get over it! Wow, this is a hard and big pill to swallow. The bottom line is how much does this one incident mean to your overall relationship with your family?
Let me say that I too would be a little tight to hear that almost my entire family went away for a fun filled weekend and didn’t so much as ask me if I would like to come along, it would take me a while to calm down. But as I mentioned before you have to weigh this very poor judgement on the part of your family and decide how you are going to get past it. I see that you are a good sister; you lend them money, co-sign loans (very generous) and help out where you can. But remember they are also there for you as well ( I am pretty sure), we have our issues with our family but at the end of the day they are the only ones that we have.  So I am going to encourage you to walk away for a small moment, lick your wounds and take a deep breath. Then I would let them know how much it hurt you and how it would be greatly appreciated going forward to be at least given the opportunity to say “no”.
Don’t let it get you down, I think this was a bad call on their part and they should be given the opportunity to be forgiven.  I subscribe to the saying of, “no man is an island” we all need one another.  Good luck my friend, kiss and make up.


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