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Family rocked with shocking discovery of teenaged daughter’s pregancy


Hi Rosie,

I am so disappointed right now. I found out that my 16-year-old daughter is pregnant. I found out as she was going to prom. She kept throwing up and she wanted us to believe that she was just nervous. Then I made her take a pregnancy test, that’s how I found out! I cried for days! My husband is so upset he has barely spoken to her. We had hoped that she would have gone on to Community College, especially with the great results she got back from her 10 subjects. Now we are going to be expecting a new life within our family early next year. Rosie, I am not prepared for this change at all! Right now my daughter is away with my sister and I will join them in a few weeks. What am I to do? I feel as though her life will never be the same. How can I help her? Let’s not even talk about the baby’s father. He’s young too, and his parents are as disappointed. I know they will help out, but this is sad.  

So depressed

Dear So Depressed,

This is a big blow to your family. Especially with her getting this far already. I know it is a hard pill to swallow, but I am here to let you know that you, your daughter, your family and the little one will all get past this and it will be ok.

You will have to sit your daughter down and talk about the real reality about being a teenaged mother. About all of the responsibilities and sacrifices that come with it. She has to face her true new reality.

What I do know is that you are also a loving family, I can feel it from your letter, I know she will not be alone, so after she has the baby and you have established a “new normal”, maybe she can go back to school. I think once she is determined and focused she may continue to develop and soar.

I am not trying to sugar coat the challenges that lie ahead; you will also have to work on your relationship with your hubby as well, in addition to incorporating the other family, because it takes a village to raise a successful child. You CAN make a way through this major hurdle… I know you can.

Good luck, breathe, be calm and focus, it will work out .


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