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Is my wife cheating on me?


Hey Rosie,

All of a sudden my wife is hanging out with a new work crew and is coming in late, drinking more, and hiding her phone from me, which she never did! Is she cheating? It feels that way. I want to confront her, but I would look dumb.

Hello my friend,

Well this new behaviour pattern would trouble anyone. So you should definitely have a sit down with her to ask, “What’s up?”.

Just the hiding of the phone is sending me red flags. If she never did it before why is she doing it now? These are all the types of questions you should be asking her.

Sometimes we let things go, and it could be addressed earlier, or bad habits can be stopped or highlighted, so we can create positive change.

In even tones and without too much attitude let her know what you’ve observed and wait for her response. Hopefully she will be open to giving you some insight. Being honest and open is also important.
Good luck, and it takes some work, but communication is key.


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