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How can I restart my life and get out of this slump?

How can I restart my life and get out of this slump?

Hey Rosie



Hey Rosie

Hey Rosie, I AM JUST very frustrated with my life. I am a middle aged woman who is having a mid life crisis. I feel as though I’ve not done anything worthwhile with my life. I have been a nurse for the last 28 years and I find that it is so boring. I am also single without any kids and when I look at all of my friends that I’ve gone to school with and the amazing things that they’ve done, I feel very depressed. They have travelled all over the world, go to fabulous events and have great families. All I have to show for my life is work, a few friends and my home. How can I restart my life and get out of this slump? I know it sounds silly, but this is getting to me big time!

Lonely through social media it can really seem so ‘perfect’ and ‘glamorous’. Well trust me, it isn’t always as perfect as they portray it to be, so I’m begging you not to buy into the hype.

From your accounts, you are a very accomplished individual in such an admirable career helping people and making a difference in their lives.

So please take the time to be proud of how much you’ve done so far.

I really need you to recognize all of the positive things that are happening in your life right now and work on repeating some positive self affirmations on a daily basis. There is something about the spoken word and how it takes on a positive vibe for us.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to stop looking at the lives of others on social media. Maybe find other interests such as a hobby, travelling or even volunteering with an organization that you have had an interest in for a while. The bottom line is, embrace YOUR life and it will hug you back.

All the best to you my friend.


Hello Lonely,

First I have to let you know that you should not be caught up in the facade of other people’s lives, most of the time it’s a big lie. No one has a perfect life, no one.

I know when we see other people’s lives especially

Rosie Small-Morgan