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I am jealous of my twin sister’s guy friend


Hi Rosie,

I am 13 and I am a twin. My sister and I are very close; we do everything together shop, exchange clothes, go to parties and most of all, trick our friends! Especially the boys. We are identical and we love it. The problem is that my sister has a guy friend whom she’s close to and they like each other; our parents like him too, but Rosie, so do I. I think that I might be a little jealous of their closeness; what should I do?{{more}}

Twin Power

Dear Twin Power,

I give you a lot of credit at such a young age that you know what you are feeling is jealousy. This is a real emotion and if you are aware of it then you can keep it in check.

Being a twin sounds like a lot of fun (especially reading what you said). How very cool is it to have a person who is so similar to you and will always have your back? Being an only child myself, I would have loved to have experienced your situation. Now, having said that, you know that you can’t betray that loyalty and love, right? Never mind he is flirting with you and there may be an attraction – this will always happen at some point or the other. The most important thing to remember is that your loyalty always lies with your family and also friends. Betraying someone for a little temporary satisfaction is never worth it.

So, if you ever get into a situation like that, you politely turn the person down and let them know you aren’t that kind of girl. Plus, you are too young for this type of love triangle drama; enjoy your youth and continue to love and be loyal to your sister.


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