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Should I take him back?


Dear Rosie,

Let me start, Rosie, by saying I read your articles every week and you are doing a great job. Keep up the great work. I am a young woman and I am 18 years old. I have been in love with my boyfriend for two years. As every relationship has its problems, we had ours. We are both in college at the moment, but I am in my first year and he is in his second year and I am so in love with him, but I keep getting insecure because we are not in the same college and I keep believing that he is cheating on me.{{more}} In the past, he has done things to question my love for him, but Rosie he recently cheated on me and I ended the relationship. I know he loves me; I see he does, but I don’t know what to do because I always go back to him and he always hurts me. He cheated with a girl at his college and now it’s over. I feel like I have made a big mistake, because now I can’t focus and I have exams coming up. I don’t know if I should go back to him or just let it go, but I don’t think I can move on with my life after this, because he took my virginity and he is the only one I have ever been in love with before. Maybe that’s the reason why I can’t let go.

Please help me, I am losing my mind slowly…

Heart broken

Dear Heart broken,

Yes, this is stressful. I know that it must be the hardest thing to pull yourself together, as you feel your heart spiralling out of control – but you have to get it together, girl!

This cannot be the defining moment in your life, because the boy you love is not meeting your standards nor your emotional needs. You have to dig deep and first say “I deserve so much more!”

Until you stop, take some deep breaths and realize that you WILL survive this, your education and success are being threatened by a situation that isn’t working in your favour. You will then begin to cut your losses and become super focused on the bigger plan ahead – that’s YOU. I am not saying that you wouldn’t still have deep feelings for him, but I’m saying you will have deeper feelings for yourself.

Good luck, my girl, and bless you.


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