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Should I worry?


Dear Rosie,

I am 12 and I am kinda worried. In school I try to fit in and I also try to be different, but none of it works. When I try to fit in someone always tells me something that hurts and I don’t know what to do. It also happens when I try to not fit in. I am athletic and I like to run and wrestle. I have only gone out with one person before and it was only for two days. There is this kid that always says that he has a bigger butt and bigger boobs and now guys say I am flat chested. I do not know what to do.{{more}}

Please Help

Dear Please Help,

I really feel for you and this point in life that you are going through. Twelve is such a difficult age and kids can be just straight fools as well – not caring about whom they hurt and what they say to one another. I remember this time well and being told many hurtful things and pretending that it didn’t bother me, because I was so different from my peers.

But guess what? Different can be great! I’ve learned that even though they may never tell you this, it’s an envy situation many times. There is a quality of leadership in you that they are grudgingly admiring and that makes it difficult to wrap their minds around when coming to you.

So, I’m simply going to tell you to pray, have faith and never compromise the core of who you are. You are blessed with these wonderful abilities and your are going to blossom even further into an awesome human being. Know that you are not alone and hold on to the faith that there is a bigger and more wonderful plan in store for you!

If they can’t get on board with you now, then leave them be. There are already some people out there who know how great you are! Be you and be proud!


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