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My bf has someone living with him; he doesn’t call me anymore


Hey Rosie,

I pay special attention to your advice that you give to people. I had a gut feeling that he has someone living with him. I kept asking him if he does, and just a few days ago I asked again.{{more}} That’s when he said yes, but he stated that it’s a family that’s living together. At first, he used to be calling at nights; now he doesn’t. Am at home by myself, especially at nights; no one to talk to. I told him how I felt, but he doesn’t give any answer. I’ve been in many relationships before. I do have feelings for him. A few months ago I had wanted to give it up, but now I don’t feel like. We have been dating for eight months now. Please give me some advice.

Double minded

Dear Double Minded,

Your first instinct is never wrong. You know that in your heart, so don’t doubt that “voice” which is trying to guide you.

If you see that his habits are changing and becoming “shady” that is a HUGE red flag ! Deception comes in all forms and sometimes within ourselves as well. There is absolutely no need to put yourself through this type of heartache when you are the one feeling this pain – self preservation my friend. Never put someone else’s feelings ahead of yours – never!

Be grateful that you don’t have children together and basically after a few sad and reflective moments you can walk away, stronger and smarter. I am being this direct because I want you to know you deserve better than this. Good luck!


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