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I am 12; I think I am in love with my brother’s friend


Hey Rosie,

So I’m 12 years old, I’m in year seven. And my brother is in year 10. He brings home friends often and he’s now made friends with a boy (also in his year) I’m calling him ‘5’ to keep anonymous.{{more}}

Basically my family have become friends with 5’s family because they came to us in a time of sadness. I think I may love him, Rosie : ( he’s so sweet – he’d never try to have sex or anything – I don’t think he’s had a first kiss yet… 😉 and he’s so lovely. But… the Internet says that it’s wrong; I looked on Yahoo answers… But I think I love him. He was climbing a tree that learned out over a river and he gave me his hand to help me and I went so red, I felt it… and said “NO” loudly and abruptly.

What if he knows?

He’s funny, kind, sweet and everything I could ask for.

Help Rosie


Dear Help Rosie,

Forgive me, but are you REALLY 12? You seem to be very mature in your thought process for such a young age; nonetheless, I am here for you.

Let me put your mind at ease. You are not the first younger sister to have a crush on her older brother’s friend. The thing is, what do you do about it.

Well, in your case it’s nothing that you should do. I know it’s not what you may want to hear, but it’s the truth. He seems like a nice, decent and respectful boy, who also may not want to mess with his friend’s cute little sister either. Even though your emotions are running very high for him at the moment and day dreaming of kissing him, (which is normal), you should learn at this stage to be friends, especially friends in a group, safety in numbers; let’s not forget you are ONLY 12. There is a big difference between 12 and 15 at the moment; give the years some more time. Observe the things you like about the opposite sex: how they act, are they respectful towards women, do they do drugs, do they force girls to have sex and the list goes on. You are smart to see that he is kind already, so why not be friends? Don’t force a situation to happen until you are emotionally ready and of age.

I do believe that you have very deep feelings for this young man, but my advice to you is to wait; this is not the time for this type of relationship and definite drama at 12. Continue to think before you act; you are a smart young lady.


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