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Should I ask my man for money?


Hey Rosie,

I do enjoy reading your column, and the advice that you give.

This is the question I would like to ask: Do you think it is okay for a woman to ask her man for money, or should she just wait until he gives her? (They have been dating for a few months now).

If she does message him asking him, and doesn’t get a response, how should she go about the relationship?{{more}}


Dear Puzzled,

This an interesting question, should you ask your man for money? I am very torn with this one and I will tell you why.

If you are an able-bodied woman and are working and making your own money, why are you asking him for money? I feel as though you can firmly stand on your own two feet and make do with what you make. Sometimes, we think of a man (and I am only addressing women right now) as an ATM or our safety net. This then makes us become dependent on what he can do for us and also makes him look at us as users.

On then other hand, for couples who are working towards a long- term relationship or goal, such as marriage, buying a house etc, and have a common goal, the money may be regarded as “their” money. This is completely different in my opinion. So, even though this opinion is strictly my own and may not be popular with everyone, this is how I feel. Be as independent as you can, and try to keep your self respect intact.


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