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My sisters and parents think I am weird. Am I?


Hey Rosie,

Rosie, my parents and my sisters don’t understand me. I’m 16 and they are always saying that I’m immature, never take anything serious and that I embarass them.{{more}}

When we go out they are always together and they have inside jokes and I am always alone.

Rosie, I like to write, play with make up, play video games. I don’t like going shopping and talking on the phone or going to parties. I don’t think I’m weird but they make me feel that way. Am I ?


Dear Alone,

No, my girl, you are just awesome as you are! It is hard to be in a family and be so very different, but it happens.

Without being disrespectful, be true to yourself. You seem to be an intelligent and creative person who looks at life from a different vantage point. Continue to travel your road, you may be surprised how many people admire your independent spirit. Love your family, but realize that you CAN be different also.

Bless Up!

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