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Should I walk away?


Hey Rosie,

First of all, I must say that you are indeed doing a wonderful job… keep up the good work.

I am 18 years old, just finished secondary school and waiting for results. Rosie, it’s like I don’t have any luck at all with boys. I am in love once again; for the longest while this feeling never came over me… since my last relationship. There’s a big problem. This guy was always behind me, but I wasn’t paying any mind to him, so I told him after my CXC exams we will talk it out.{{more}}

I then went away after CXC and now I am back. We talked many times, we went out many times, but eventually he told me that he’s talking to someone else. I am shocked… I didn’t expect that, because he was down for me. I asked him why he did that. His reply was “I thought you forget about me… you wasn’t studying me, and this girl popped up and liked me and we started talking”.

Rosie, I love this guy so much, that I just started a relationship with him, without paying any mind to the other girl. But now it’s like I can’t handle it anymore. He said he loves me, yes, but I want him to be with me alone. I don’t know what to do anymore. Am I supposed to walk away from him and leave him and the girl alone or push forward for what I want? I want to give up, but it’s hard!!


Dear Hurt,

Walk away. Unfortunately you were caught up in the thought of being in a relationship and being in love, but in fact you and this guy REALLY didn’t connect, if you are honest. You had done your exams, gone away, then when you came back you decided to go out and give him a chance. In life we may date different people; some decent, some who are horrible and some people who aren’t meant to be. At this time I think he’s the latter.

Why would you want to force yourself into his life when he has been honest with you and has stated that he’s dating someone else? Fall back for a while, enjoy your single life for a while. Do the summer thing and embrace you. I remember going through this at 18. It was hard at first, but then, as time went along, I found that I became stronger and more focused about what I wanted in my future.

So, don’t look at it as a curse or something bad, but as a gift to you. He’s not a bad guy. I like the fact that he was upfront… this is something you don’t see often. Move forward and again embrace you. Bigger and other opportunities lie in wait.


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