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I have a crush on my neighbour, should I tell him?


Hey Rosie,

I have a crush on my neighbour. He is older than me; he’s about 22 and I am 15. I know that he’s older, but he’s cute and funny. We always hang out on the block and he says I’m so mature for my age. I like him a lot, Rosie, and he’s not like the other guys in school. Should I tell him how I feel? My friends say no!{{more}}

Help Me



Dear Help Me,

No, please don’t! You are not the first teenager to have a crush on an older guy. It’s a normal feeling, but a dangerous game to play.

Not only does the age difference pose a big problem, but he is off limits. I don’t care if he thinks you are the smartest woman and most mature person. The fact is you should not even consider this to be a potential relationship period.

I realize that you are mature for your age, but this isn’t the road for you. Enjoy your friends that are your own age, continue to grow and do well in school. You have many years ahead of you to deal with the drama of relationships. Be young and enjoy your life, please.


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