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I don’t want to put my hopes up for something


Hey Rosie,

I am 18 years old and I am madly in love with this guy. I can assure you that he very much feels the same way.

However, the thing is, there was a girl before me, one that treats him badly and only talks to him when she wants to, because he is the type of guy that doesn’t mess around girls.{{more}}

He is not in the country most of the time, but he would soon be here. Since she knows about me, she has been acting like most lovey and caring, but he himself knows how much I have been there when she was not.

He already knows what he wants, but she just wouldn’t let go. He has told her about me, but she still won’t. I told him don’t break up with her because I am a girl too and I know how it feels, but she is the type of person who is fresh and don’t talk to anyone and he hates this.

She passes him by the road straight, to say this is love. I have been there for him and I am not going to let go either. She is waiting till he comes to make decisions, but I don’t want to be hanging with a broken heart. I don’t want to put my hopes up for something, but I do honestly believe in him. I want to know what to do, Rosie.

Please Help

Dear Please Help,

I think we need to be clear about one thing. There IS a girlfriend in this guy’s life and unfortunately he is still with her and hasn’t officially left her and that girl ISN’T you. Why are you doing this to yourself my friend? Why?

I don’t care how well he treats you, the fact is, you are being played as the second fiddle at the moment, only because you are allowing yourself to be. Don’t you think that you deserve more? Getting involved with a guy who still has a significant other (no matter how rocky that relationship may seem) is a bad idea! Always, always, let them come to the place of ending the relationship and dealing with their issues before you step in. Anything before that, it will be a problem.

So, even though you may not like my response in terms of going forward, I am strongly suggesting that you walk away from this drama please. Love yourself enough to recognize that you deserve only the very best. That would also include someone who is exclusively 100 per cent for you. I wish you well.


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