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Should I tell my sister her husband is cheating?


Hey Rosie,

I found out that my sister’s husband is cheating and has another baby with this woman. Should I tell her, Rosie? They get along well and if I didn’t find out by accident, you would never know. They have two kids — an 11-year-old and a seven-year-old. My family loves him too, and I really don’t want to open this can of worms. But she is my sister Rosie, and I am very upset!{{more}}


Dear Help,

Wow, now this is a terrible secret to have! Does he know that you know? I can’t even imagine being in this position.

My answer is simple this week —let him know that you know. Tell him that you are giving him an opportunity to come clean.

One of two things will happen — he will tell your sister and then THEY will have to decide where they go from there. At that point, all you should do is be a comforting ear, when she confides in you.

Or, he can deny it and pretend that this isn’t true. Then you will have to make a very hard and life-changing decision — if you should tell her or not.

The one thing I will say to you though, is that what is in the dark is always revealed in the light. So believe his day is coming. You have to decide if this situation can be handled without you being the one to blow the whistle first.

Confide in a friend or family member who has good discretion and common sense. Sometimes, two heads are better than one when dealing with a problem like this.

All the best and I hope he does the right thing.


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