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Why did my boyfriend change?


Hello My Dear Rosie,

First of all, I must say what a great job you’re doing. I enjoy reading your articles and now I would like for you to help me out.

I was in a relationship and got hurt. I promised myself that I will never go back in a relationship again. There was this guy who was always there for me through that phase, but eventually we started a relationship, but it happened that I wasn’t really for him. I was just there, going along with the flow.{{more}}

After some months, I came into contact again with a boy whom I liked since primary school. He also was into me since then. Just one kiss, Rosie, changed everything. I fell for him. Things have been going well so far. We used to go out together, spending lots of time with each other, but all that has changed. Rosie, I really don’t know what went wrong, but he just changed. I gave up everything for him, even my boyfriend, who I dumped because I really thought that he wasn’t the right guy for me.

Now, I am all in the dark, alone, trying to find comfort and can’t. He really hurt me badly, because now he isn’t talking to me. I had to delete his number out of my phone, so that I can try to get over him.

It’s like he is falling in love with our teacher. She’s young and they always spend quality time together and the hard thing is that I can’t get over this, because I am always around them and happen to see them together.

Rosie, I really don’t know what to do anymore. I want to give up everything and start afresh. I am sick and tired of getting hurt, I can’t stand this anymore…WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???

Sick And Tired Of Getting Hurt 


Dear Sick And Tired Of Getting Hurt,

I am sorry that you are hurting at the moment, but I need you to realize that you are responsible for the mess you are in. Truly recognizing your role and admitting it is the first step.

Listen, you had a guy who saw you through some very hard times – but guess what? He wasn’t exciting enough for you, because he was too safe. So, up rolls the old flame, the one that made your heart beat faster. But instead of looking before you leapt, you made a poor judgement call.

In life, we can’t be this impulsive. Especially when coming to people’s emotions. You actually treated the guy who was there for you in the same manner that you were treated and that wasn’t cool.

So, now you are alone (not a bad thing), you can take this time and reflect about your actions, and how you can improve and become a better person, friend and one day an even better partner. So, step back and heal yourself; hopefully you will not repeat this mistake again.


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