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I want to come home; I think my boyfriend is cheating with my friend


Hello Rosie,

I am away at school and I miss my friends and especially my boyfriend. I hear all the things that they are doing at home and I feel left out. I get to talk to them on the weekend on Skype, but then I hear about where they are going and what they are doing. I even think my boyfriend likes one of my friends too. My mother says that I should embrace the new experiences that I am having, but I really miss home and want to come back and be with my friends. This is my first year in the US and I hate it.{{more}}

Want to leave

Dear Want to Leave,

I can understand being homesick and missing your friends, but you have to really relax a little here. You are where you need to be at the moment. Do you know how many of your friends would want to be in your position right now? In fact, they may be a little jealous of you also.

Look, more than likely, you have just gone through winter and that is a shock in itself. You haven’t had the chance to go out and explore your new surroundings. Are you on or off campus? I am asking because that would make a huge difference if you were living on campus, to make a new set of friends and learn about your surroundings.

It is great that you haven’t forgotten about your friends at home, but I am saying that you are not stretching enough to reach out to the new people around you. Therefore, you are doing yourself a great injustice; change isn’t easy, but it is often necessary.

Finally, you want to come home because of your boyfriend? You think he is cheating with your friend? Please! You are young, free, with no major commitments (only to doing well in school and then your career). If there is cheating with those two, then they really weren’t your friends to begin with, huh? Imagine you wanted to board a plane, for this? Girl, spring is here; using your mother’s words, “embrace” your new life and people in it. Much success.


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