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My boss is taking me for granted


Hey Rosie,

How are you doing?

I am a regular reader of your column, and I do like the advice you give to each and every one.

So, I have decided to write to you. My boss and I do not get along. She thinks that because she’s the boss she can tell me whatever she wants to. I always stop working with her then go back because of her situation. She always says to me that she has no one but me whom she can trust. Rosie, I am not boasting, but I am very honest to everyone.{{more}} My problem is I want to stop working for her completely and I am up to my throat. I prefer to work for less and be happy than work for a fortune and be unhappy. Please help me here. I know you can and will. You are a wonderful woman. Keep up the good work.

God bless.

Hello My Friend,

Thank you for your very kind words. Let me say this; you already are halfway there in making some life changing decisions as to your future. Knowing your OWN self worth is a great first step.

In my opinion, the fact that your boss knows that you are a tremendous asset is key; so how about turning this negative situation into a positive? With your obvious management and people skills why not get a plan in motion? I would figure out my strengths, i.e. time management skills, office skills etc. Then I would look for a quick course in office management or maybe bookkeeping, something along those lines.

When we find ourselves in a difficult situation we should often ask ourselves, “What is the lesson that I need to take from this?” There is always something that we can learn. In your case, I think you are learning that some people are very difficult, but you obviously have a gift to navigate their personality – that’s a great thing!

Also learn to take deep breaths, smile or in some cases walk away, because it’s not worth the confrontation. Also take into account the fact that you left and your services were missed; now, that says a lot about your abilities. So, sit yourself down and decide where you want to be in life and go for it. Be focused, be well and do not be discouraged. You have bigger and more positive things ahead of you.


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