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He wanted to use my body in return for his helping hand


Hey Rosie,

I have been following up on your stories for years. I do enjoy them and take the advice that fits my age group. I am very confused at the moment. I graduated from college in June, and since then I have been unemployed. I have sent 100 applications and I get turned down as there are no vacancies anywhere, even the supermarkets and stores in Kingstown.{{more}}

I have lost my parent, so there is no one to turn to for help, other than a mysterious guy who appeared one day and asked if he could help me out during my struggles.

The main idea why he wanted to help me is to get to use my body in return for his helping hand. God knows I can’t sell my dignity for help. I really need your help. All my hopes are gone. There is no one else for me to run to, since there is nothing for young people in St Vincent to do after they finish school!


Dear Confused,

I feel you and fully understand your frustrations. It must be very disheartening to focus on your education, not to mention the monetary investment in hope of a better life and you keep hitting wall after wall. Well I am here to encourage you to keep the faith, and I know it’s easier said than done, but I have also been there as well.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about this “mystery man” who appeared out of nowhere and wants to exploit you sexually? How did he find you? Did you interview at his job? Is he a friend of an acquaintance? This part has me confused. I am over here scratching my head, asking myself if there are creepy guys just waiting for young women to slip up and fall into their traps? If so, this is not only scary, it’s also very predatory.

Look, you are right, stand strong in your commitment of not selling yourself short. If you do, you will pay a much higher price than what it’s worth; so hang tough. I would not even encourage this guy in conversation; in fact try to avoid him altogether.

Now, let’s talk about your efforts to find work; it is a sad economic state of affairs with so many people who are searching for work. I’m going to suggest two things: 1. Do you have any talents or are you an entrepreneur? Maybe you are good at making a product that you can sell yourself or to a store? 2. Also, if you have any Internet connections, there are some legitimate companies that have some work from home opportunities (internationally) as well. Let me give the BIG disclaimer; you will have to do a lot of research for yourself and you should NEVER give anyone money to set up anything. But there are quite a few sites. Go and run a search for “work from home internationally”. I found a few options, but you will have to navigate those waters carefully.

The bottom line is keep trying to find a job; network with people via church, ex-teachers and maybe even jobs off the island as well. Whatever it is, perseverance is key and never sell yourself short! All the best, my friend, it will work out in the long run.


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