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No one should place their hands on you and call it love


Hey Rosie,

My best friend is mad with me because I told her moms that her boyfriend is beating her. He choked her until she nearly passed out. She told me and I was scared, so I told. We are all 16 and in the same school. Her parents were mad and went after her boyfriend and his family. Now she has no phone, Internet and can’t see this boy at all. She is hating me, Rosie, what to do?{{more}}


Dear No BFF,

Girl, you did the right thing! Good for you! I know you are sad that your friend is angry right now, but you may have just saved her life.

So, my young sister friend, you may have hurt her feelings at this time, but know that you are a smart 16-year-old who knows that no one should ever place their hands on you and call it “love”.

My prayer for this situation is that both sides get counselling – intensively! I hope both parents are reading this and seek this help for their kids.

Meanwhile I’ll rub your back and let you know that you did a great thing. One day your BFF will come around as well. Keep the faith!


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