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Leave this man now! You can do better than this!


Hey Rosie

I love him more than he loves me. I have been with this guy for six years now, Rosie, and God knows I love him so much, but the problem is, he has been taking advantage of that love. Rosie, I will do anything for this guy, anything.

He has done me so many wrongs in the past, and I have forgiven him all, for I love him so much, and now, sometimes, every little misunderstanding we have, he is so quick to say it’s over, and then I get all sad. {{more}}I even cry whenever he says that. I often wonder if he even cares about me. He calls me all sorts of ill names, and then wants me to have sex with him after, and its like I have become so accustomed to it, it doesn’t bother me anymore. What should I do?


My Friend,

You should L-E-A-V-E! Normally I can try to rub your back and tell you maybe you should try to work it out … but not today! Do you hear the depths of sadness and depression that come from your own words? Girl, NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO DO THIS TO YOU! Let him go!

This is what is called a “toxic relationship”! You are acting like his slave and you are not. You are being his door mat and you are not. You are being his sex toy and you are NOT! I know this is hard to see and hear, but you CAN do better than this. However, when you kick this man to the curb, please do not jump into another relationship until you heal yourself first. You have a lot of emotional scars that need tending to and it is a must that you go and speak to someone about your pain.

You must ask yourself why do you think that you aren’t worth more than this? Where does this come from? Just for the record, in the privacy of your room tell yourself in the mirror, “I do matter and I am worth only the best!” You should do this affirmation every day; you may not believe it in the beginning, but it will become a part of your every fibre one day.

I don’t care a thing about this man, because he is no good for you. He is about himself and right now I am about you and you getting better. So wish him a fond farewell, dry your tears stand strong in your decision and make those new positive steps forward. Always have faith in the good that’s around you, not the negative like this man you have saddled your self with for six sad years!


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