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I am attracted to girls


Hey Rosie,

I have dated many different guys for the last four years, but I think that I am attracted to girls. I have tried to resist these urges, but I always find myself going in this direction. Rosie help me. My family is super religious and I am still in school and I live at home. I am 22 and I have a healthy social circle, with both guys and girls. But I am really stuck with the guilt.{{more}}

Help Me Please!

Dear Help Me Please,

Let me put your mind at ease; you are normal. You know why? Simply because you are questioning your sexuality and you have a serious moral compass installed lets me know that you have a level head and questions in your heart.

Even though you maybe are attracted to people of the same sex, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you ARE gay. I also realize that you may not be able to discuss this with your parents at this time, so I am going to suggest that you seek and confide in a counsellor. You may have some other underlying issues that could come out which may also surprise you. But I think it is very healthy to talk to someone about your inner anxieties.

At the end of the day, if more people were true to how they feel and the things that confuse them, they would go and talk to someone in a professional capacity rather than be impulsive and act on them. I don’t know what the outcome will be for you, but know that even though the road may be bumpy, hold fast to your faith and resolve to see you through to the other side, that being the side where you are a great person no matter what and you have so much to contribute to this world. So, take a deep breath and walk forward in faith.

Be strong.


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