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Afraid, and tired of my husband’s threats


Hello Rosie,

I’m very afraid of my husband.

He has been treating me very badly.

What can I do? I am tired of his threats.{{more}}


Dear Afraid,

This letter is simple, yet very powerful! The bottom line is that you are scared and obviously in a relationship that you shouldn’t be in. My thing question is: are you strong enough to do what you need to do in order to be safe?

First things, first. You need to tell your relatives and close friends what is going on; this is a given. God forbid he does try to hurt you, there should be people who can come forward to speak on your behalf about his threats.

You should then let the police know. I know people have said that they may not always get the best response consistently regarding domestic violence claims, but I really do believe that the police are trying to up their game and be more proactive regarding complaints from their citizens regarding violence and abuse. So, please file the complaint.

Finally, if you are not in a good place mentally and physically, I am going to ask you to leave. My simple suggestions are: go to a friend in another part of the island that can discreetly keep you until you figure your next move; maybe go away (from the island) on vacation — if that is a feasible option or finally, if you have a lot of male relatives living in one area, who can be protective of you, I would go there.

Whatever you decide, your safety and well-being is the most important — also to those around you as well. So, you will have to have a firm and safe plan in hand. Please be careful and let me know what happens.


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