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Help being offered to girl who was raped by her stepfather


Dear Readers,

I thought I would do something a little differently this week. I have received a few responses from other readers to the June 15th article: “My stepfather raped me”. Everyone is basically on the same page in terms of the outrage and shock that this can continue to happen to our young women at home.{{more}}

My young friend, if you are reading this, please take a look at someone who has been where you have been and has fought and successfully pushed forward, even though life wasn’t always fair to her. Again a multitude of blessings to you and may justice prevail:

“Hey Rosie, I enjoy reading your weekly letters and give a thumbs up to your response and the advice you give to people. The story that touched me was published on June 15 (My stepfather raped me). It really hit me and tears came to my eyes. To see the young lady was brave enough to go to the police just to get turned away was even more sad; these things can lead to depression and even suicide, which in this case I pray she doesn’t do. I hope she does get someone to help her.

I am a mother of 5 who also was raped by her own father and was scared to tell anyone. I, however, mustered up the courage and told my mom. She did believe me and handled the matter. That being said, I was hoping if by any chance you can get a contact for this young lady, so I could personally contact her to see if can help in any way I can. The thing is, I am in America and I think I can help as little as packing a box with baby clothes for her. That’s the least I can do. If that can be arranged, it will be appreciated. Thank you in advance and continue to do a great job.”

You see, the village still lives on and we are each other’s keeper. Again if you need help, there are people who are willing to reach out; you are NOT alone. Blessings.


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