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My boss does not know which woman to choose


Hey Rosie,

First ,let me tell you that you are doing a wonderful job with your article.

I read your article every Friday ,and when I do, my boss listens and he thinks that you are a reasonable and intelligent person.

Rosie, my boss has a big big problem. He is dating a few women, both in the US and SVG.{{more}}

Rosie I feel for these women, because they don’t know whats going on. I try talking to him about it, but there is so much I can say to him.

Rosie, now he’s talking about settling down, but he doesn’t know with whom. Rosie, two of these women have kids for him. He is a kindhearted and humble person, but I think he is too nice and he gets caught up in his own kindness and gets lost along the way. I try to tell him he needs to choose, but I don’t think he is ready. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! Rosie, help him.

Restless boss

Dear Restless Boss,

Thank you so much for your kind words! You seem to have a very giving spirit. The fact that you took the time to reach out for your boss says a lot about you. But this is an odd situation to say the least!

Why is your boss getting caught up with this mess, is my question? You see, even though he’s kind and humble, as you said, he is a player as well, and this has caused him to be in the position he is at the moment! It’s time for him to stop this pattern and get it together in relation to who he wants to be with.

So he has two children with two different women? Now, with both of these women not being aware of each other, he has a great opportunity to decide what he is going to do. Who is he going to be with exclusively? Then, above everything else, he must be very straight forward and honest with these women about his past indiscretions.

Doing this, though, will be a nightmare, I am not going to lie, but it is something that MUST be done. I know of men who were dating two women up until the day of their weddings, and the other woman was either in total denial, or in another case, she simply was unaware to the very end. No matter what, it’s simply cruel.

So he has to be hurtful to be kind. He will need to sit down with each of them and let them know what’s up. Also, he has to ask himself if he’s really READY to settle down, because if he isn’t, this whole effort is just futile! Bottom line, he better support those children throughout their lives.

It’s good to hear that he’s a nice guy. But he’s not making wise choices. He has to be very real with himself first, by admitting his flaws in this web of deceit, and then facing the music before he can even begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Question is, how ready is he for this reality that lies before him? I really do wish him luck.


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