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I get fed up of my boyfriends quickly. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


Hey Rosie,

I am 19 years old and I go to a college out of the country. I am a bit confused. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for a couple of months now and I am already fed up. My friends always get mad at me because I tend to get fed up of my boyfriends rather quickly.{{more}} First, at the start of the relationship I am into it, I get all lovey dovey. Then after a while, I get fed up and just give up and don’t care anymore. Well, now I have a someone I like and he is really nice to me and I like him alot, but I don’t want to end what I have with my current boyfriend. I am willing to leave my boyfriend, but I don’t want to let down anyone. I know he really loves me but right now it means nothing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me it’s like I don’t know what I want. Am I that gullible, that whenever a new boy comes along and says he likes me that I have to like him back? Rosie, please help me! I am confused!


Dear Confused,

I may confuse you more with my answer, but this is perfectly normal at your age. At 19 you should be dating, getting to discover yourself, what makes you tick, what you like and dislike about someone without being in one of these l-o-n-g drawn out relationships that can become toxic and sometimes down right abusive. I know you’ve heard me say over and over again that it is so important for young people (both guys and girls) to fall back from getting into these “deep and everlasting” relationships. Why you would want to be involved with someone at this deep a level at this stage I can’t understand.

Also let’s address the fact that you are also away at school and your current boyfriend is at home and within a few months you were already fed up – that’s an indication that you really don’t need to be in these types of relationships, so please end it. It’s the decent thing to do. Forget your friends and what they think, it’s about what YOU think and feel. You have to be accountable for your actions, so my truthful suggestion is when you meet a guy, be up front with them, tell them that you don’t mind hanging out, doing fun things and getting to know each other, without the commitment of a “relationship” hanging over your heads. Now realize that this means you both can see other people…so don’t go changing up the game with any drama that he’s cheating or you becoming a stalker. Keeping it real is key. Also I am NOT telling you to go sleep with these guys. Use your head; you are a smart girl.

Oh, yes if I were you, I would warn your new Boo about your track record. Not that you are trying to hurt his feelings, but again I feel if you are honest and upfront, it gives YOU the opportunity to meet the TRUE kindred spirit out there for you one day. So don’t be confused. You are a normal 19-year-old chick! Be well, be smart and, most of all, safe.


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