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Should I leave my sweet boyfriend for my sexy boss?


Hey Rosie,

This is kind of difficult for me to talk about, but I really need your help. I am having an affair with my boss; he’s not married, but in a long term relationship with his woman. The other part of this problem, Rosie, is that my current man works at the same company, and the rumor is getting around to him as well, that I am cheating on him with the boss. So I told him that people are just hating and want the relationship that he (my boyfriend) and I have.{{more}} My boyfriend is sweet, generous and very kind to me. My family loves him a lot, and I can see that soon he would want us to settle down together. We have been going out for 3 years and met at the job. On the other hand, there is something very sexy and appealing about my boss. When we do get to sneak away, it’s first class all the way. The best restaurants, hotels, clubs etc. That’s the life that I want, the best. But I know that he isn’t going to leave his woman for me, Rosie, and I am upset. What should I do? Stay with the good man that I have or try to work on my boss?

Keeping it Real

Dear Keeping it Real,

I am truly amazed at how much of a calculating personality you have going on here. You ARE a female player! Sometimes, when I get letters like this I can’t wrap my head around this type of behavior, but I will try to be honest with you.

This is so wrong, and what gets me is that YOU know it! Why would you go after a man who is taken, let alone your boss? This is screaming that you have a massive self esteem issue, low that is. You are trying to get something that is not yours and should be off limits period! It’s almost as if it’s a game to see if you can catch the biggest fish in the pond.

Not only are you creating a bad reputation for yourself, you are also sending the wrong message out there for other males who are observing your movements. Believe me they are watching you! When this fling is over (and it will be, simply because men like these like to have many notches on their belt), then up rolls another slimy suitor who figures that he can tell you what he knows you want to hear, and history repeats its sad self again! Really, now? Is this how you want to live?

Break this cycle now, my friend! You have a man, a decent man from your accounts. I think you find him safe and boring, but that’s where your mistake comes in. I think he even knows what you are doing and is trying to stick it out and defend your honour, it seems. But you are not realizing that you have a good thing going on. If you don’t want your man because he bores you, then let him go, plain and simple. It is cruel to have someone around and play with their emotions like this.

Also, go get yourself some intensive counseling. Get to the core of what is it that makes you want to be the other woman. Stick with it, even though it can be painful. Finally, please stop seeing your boss! You know this will not end well. You may get fired, and I am sure it’s making the work your environment extremely tense. You are better than this and can turn this behavior around, but it would take a serious commitment on your part to get it done.


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