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Don’t become baby mama #! Run! Run and don’t look back!


Hi Rosie,

I am only 19 years of age and in a relationship with this man twice my age. We get along very well. He usually shares a lot of things with me. He has three kids and is still in a relationship with his baby mother in the States.{{more}}

I feel like a lady when I am around him. We reason a lot, but the problem is he is cheating on me with his second baby mother here and other women, too. I know of this because I searched his phone couple times and saw text messages between them. I am afraid to lose him, but sometimes I want to let go. Please help me.

I really need some advice

Dear I really need some advice,

I have to start with you right off the bat, my young friend: he’s 38, he has a baby mother in the US and baby mother at home, then to top off this ice cream sundae he has “other women” you found in his phone. So I’m shaking my head because I wonder why you are in this very disturbed vortex. Nineteen doesn’t make you dumb; it only means you’re young. I KNOW you aren’t dumb, so why be a pawn in this man’s game? A game you will not win, I might add.

Why would you want a 38-year-old man with 3 children (that you know of) and still want to compete with these other women? By the way, is he the best thing since butter? Really, now, let me start with my normal road march…Run! Run and don’t look back. Do not get your life all caught up with this man. Do not become Baby Mama number!

I am sure you are very attractive and you have a lot going for you. What I’m telling you is from some clear eyes just viewing your world, there is a cloud over it right now. So take cover, let that cloud pass. Then step out into the sunshine of your very bright future where you can be an independent, educated and savvy woman who isn’t being played.


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