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Stop seeing this man!

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Hey Rosie,

I am sixteen going on 17 in September. I have been in a relationship for the past 1 year 2 months with a van driver who I really love. I have, however, been puzzled since his best friend asked me for sex in a text and my boyfriend saw it and now he has me as a bad person.{{more}}

He saw it before I could explain anything. I was scared, but guess what, I don’t know what to do since he’s a van driver and I would have to share him with other girls. Oh, I forgot to mention that he even tried to kill me by choking me because of the message.

I wonder if I am really in love or just lusting because he was the one to take my “pride and dignity”. Help me. I am confused and wonder if he’ll actually try to kill me or fight me again.


Dear Confused,

Dear God I am so upset, scared, and actually a little sad for you. At 16 you are in a violent and manipulative relationship with an older man and also being solicited at the same time by his very creepy best friend! First things first. Stop taking this van and stop seeing this man! Is that clear enough?

I would think that you are still in school, very close to some big exams and have other responsibilities to take care of your future. Rather than being with a jealous OLDER man who tried to choke you because he thought your were “bad”? Are you kidding me? Please! He is the bad one! Why does this dude think it is cool to be with a child in school? Simply, it is not.

You know my famous phrase, “Run, walk away from this very toxic and dangerous situation”.

I refuse to call it a relationship because it is not. This is where young girls need big brothers, or fathers or uncles to have a “talk” with your van man. My girl, please become focused at your job at hand and that is finishing school successfully and also becoming the best young lady possible. This is a miss-step in your life, one that you can recover from. You will be just fine. By the way, if he doesn’t leave you alone, seek the assistance of an adult or even the authorities. Bottom line, you should not be with him nor his equally creepy friend! Stay Strong and good luck.


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