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What am I doing wrong?


Dear Rosie,

I am an avid reader of your articles and I know you give wonderful advice.

I am a 20 year old college student and I have been in love with my very close friend for a long time. We do everything together and he is very handsome.{{more}}

We talk about his relationships all the time and the problems he’s having. My only problem is, I haven’t had a relationship in almost two years because I am waiting for him to realize that I am hopelessly in love with him and I am the only one for him.

He knows from my past relationships that I am not unfaithful and he said that is one thing he likes about me.

I want to know what I am doing wrong. I mean I even changed my looks for him. Please help me understand what’s wrong.

Longing and lustful

Dear Longing and Lustful,

So there you are, just in your own world, hoping and waiting for your knight to realize that you are standing right before his very eyes. But at the moment, your knight seems to have some real vision problems in regard to his “true love”, which is you. Poor you.

So what is the plan of attack? Yes, yes, you are a faithful and good girl. Check. Yes, you are a young lady with a plan who is pursuing her education, check, check. Also, you are very easy on the eyes and you’ve gone as far as to change your looks so he may see what he’s missing out on. You are also his sounding board about his love life, triple check! Yet he isn’t recognizing that you are right before him. Guess what? You just missed one major thing on the check list. Do you know what that is? You haven’t TOLD him how you feel.

Now some may say why mess up a really great friendship with the murkiness of a relationship? But I believe that some of the best relationships can come from a good friendship. None of this can be achieved without letting the other party know. He maybe looking at you as just a close friend. Or he may even like you as well, but he may think that you aren’t interested. All of these scenarios just because no one has put their true feelings out there.

Let’s also keep in mind that he may also say that he just sees you as a friend. Girl, embrace that as well. Do not consider this as a rejection. Look at it as someone being very honest to say how they feel, because they also value your relationship as well. But you will never know what would be until you let him know how you feel.

Which ever way it turns out, you can get out of this lustful stage and start breathing a little more normally again. So gather up your courage, and just go for it. You will be fine. Just keep the whole picture in perspective, he’s your friend first, and who knows what else the future holds? Continued success in all aspects of your life. Remember you will live and love many times over. Be blessed.


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