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Get it together now!


Hey Rosie,

I am an 18-year-old guy who is seeing a 29-year-old woman. She is sexy and treats me with respect and gets me a lot of gifts to show me her love. I also have another girlfriend from High School who is 6 months pregnant with my baby (I think).{{more}} She and I are supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I am feeling my older honey much more than my baby’s ma. We were supposed to go to school this fall, but when our family found out about the baby everybody just flipped out. My girlfriend’s mom and dad threw her out (she’s at a friend’s house) and my moms just wanted to kill me because I messed up so much. I even had a scholarship. Rosie I just want to live my life, chill out with my older woman and get my head straight. Why is everyone so uptight? Things will work out eventually.

Too Much Stress

Dear Too Much Stress,

Son! Son! Son! Are you for real? No, I really have to ask you. Did you read this back to yourself before you sent this to me? Have you read any of my advice before? I am trying to find my pain medication because this letter is hurting my head so badly.

You are 18, with a baby on the way, but you would rather just “chill” with your 29-year-old sugar mama! Yes I said it! You are with her because of what she can give you and maybe for the bragging rights among your boys that this older woman is into you. For the record, she is using you. She sees you as a plaything, someone she can fool around with, give little trinkets to but doesn’t have the headache to live with. Trust me.

But more importantly, you “think” your girlfriend is having your baby? This means that both of you must be living a carefree and might I add, a dangerous sex life. You both can contract any kind of life threatening diseases, not to mention HIV or AIDS. However above this, an innocent life is coming in the next three months and its parents are not even prepared to welcome them, all because the parents are kids playing a very adult game.

What about work? I am not even going to talk about college at the moment. Your pressing issue is to provide the proper support for this little one. A baby is not an accessory that you put in the closet and pull out when you want to show it off! No wonder both sets of parents want to just strangle you both. They see your very don’t-care-attitude.

Get it together and get it together now! I can’t believe that you are not taking this seriously. Leave this older woman alone, you do not have any time for this. Sit down with your girlfriend and both sets of parents and plead with them to help both of you with a plan in moving forward. Not money, but a plan. They are going to yell, but you both deserve it. Then try to quickly put one in place before the baby comes. Finally you should either hold back from any sexual activity for a while or at the very least practice safe sex. We do not wish another repeat performance. Do the right thing you man, please.


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