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Keep on track my friend


Hey Rosie,

Love your column! It’s the bomb. I am a 17-year-old girl attending secondary school. I am having some problems and looking forward to your advice. My father and mother are having some problems and I am caught in the midst of it. Anytime I ask my father for school stuff that I need as I am a fifth former, he refuses, but gives my other brother and sisters. I didn’t do anything at all.{{more}}

Oh, I didn’t mention that they have been married for a pretty long time. My second problem is that three boys are in love with me, so they say. Two of them don’t care about me studying, so I dropped them as friends. Did I do the right thing there? Now the one that cares about my school work and seeing me successful in school helps me whenever I need it.


Dear Worried,

It’s a shame that you and your siblings (but seemingly you) have to be caught up in your parents’ drama. I can only stress to you that sometimes the people that we look up to for help, guidance and direction are the very same people who may need the very same thing themselves!

However, this is no excuse for your father treating you this way, none at all. However, at 17, it is the beginning of one of those life lessons where we realize that our parents also have flaws and we cannot always get what we may need from them emotionally.

I do hope that your mother is a form of support to you, even though she, too, is going through her own struggles. Do not let any of this stop you from doing well with your CXCs this upcoming year. You have come much too far now to drop that ball. So I am in your corner cheering you on because you CAN do it!

Now to your love Quadrangle. I knew you were a smart girl from the moment that I began reading this letter. You are smart and quick. So you have already analyzed your situation with the first two “players” and eliminated them. Very nice, why hold on to people who would only keep you back right? Now unto contestant number three. You said he wants to see you succeed in school and life, but you never said how you felt about him? Do you like him as just a friend or maybe a potential boyfriend? Is he someone who is respectful and not pushy? You don’t need that, especially with what’s going on at home at the moment. Is he in school as well? Please don’t say he is a lot older, because you know how I feel about that.

Whatever happens, this is my advice to you: remain focused on your education. It is your ticket to you making a successful life for yourself. Regarding your father, I am sorry that he is not doing right by you at the moment. I hope he reads this and tries to re-adjust his attitude in general. Finally, you seem to be such a cool and bright girl who is going to go places. Keep on track my friend. Blessings always.


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