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R-U-N Do not look back


Hey Rosie,

My baby father is nothing but a dog. He doesn’t give me anything for his son and always sends his other girl to come and cuss me and my family. He only uses me for sex and I usually give him money. I am 16 and he is 22 and a bus conductor.{{more}} I am in evening classes trying to better myself for my baby son. He is 4 months old. My mother always runs him, but it is as if he has a hold on me. Should I try and work it out?

Help me, Rosie, please.

My Dear Young Friend,

If you read my letter last week, I am going to say the same thing to you…R-U-N! Do not look back. The terrible thing this week is that you are a baby yourself! Sixteen with a 4 month old baby and this “man” (I use this term loosely) is twenty-two? Is this not statutory rape? What is going on here? You also said that you are still having sex with him also? This is ridiculous! Stay away from him! Please stop this contact because you are heading for another baby before you are 17!

He doesn’t respect you. He cares nothing for his baby or he wouldn’t be asking you for money. He should be providing all that he can for his child. He is a cheater, because other women come and try to fight you verbally. Do you need a road sign here? He is a creep!

Two good things that you mentioned are school and the fact that your Mom very much dislikes him. You have learned a very hard lesson that many young people learn, and that is being a teen-aged single mother is not easy. Having sex at such an early age also leads to an unwanted pregnancy, sometimes diseases, and even possible death if you are not careful.

It is not too late for you to turn your life around. Continue your education. You will need it in order to be a success for both you and your son. Cut off contact with this man. He means you no good. If your Mom is willing to help you with the baby while you go to school, then you are very fortunate. Finally, you have to love yourself more than you love this man. Realize that you are here for an important reason and you must push past whatever barriers life throws at you. You will succeed. Be strong.


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