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Foolishly in love with him


Hey Rosie,

I am a 19-year-old living in the US at the moment and I need help! I am the mother of 2 lovely children (twins). I got pregnant with them when I was 18 and I certainly didn’t regret it, but I do regret meeting the father of my kids.{{more}}

He is a stuck up, money mouth guy who thinks he can buy women for some reason. I got married to him after I found out I was 2 months pregnant, but we recently got divorced. How happy am I! I now date and so does he, but I may still have feelings for him. I realized that after going to England last month with him and our 2 kids. We shared our last romantic time with him.

Am I dumb for falling in love with him again?


Hello Wondering,

Not at all. You are not dumb for letting your guard down or getting your emotions temporarily re-involved with your ex-husband. You two have had a very intense, brief and still ongoing history, which by the way has resulted in the birth of your lovely twins.

Even though you are divorced and seem to be happy with that choice, there will always be an emotional attachment (even if it is just for your children). There must have been something that attracted you initially to him. Some women like a “bad boy”. Some like the “player” type and the list goes on. Many times because we see them as a challenge, we go all out to get them. Then when we do get them, we then realize that it isn’t all that we thought it would be.

Continue to get yourself situated and be the role model that you will need to be for your children. Keep trying to educate yourself. I feel there is so much success that lies ahead for you. Recognize when you are dating if some of the negative patterns are being repeated and make every effort to avoid them.

You have so many wonderful experiences that await you. Many challenges as well. But that is what makes this life a beautiful thing to experience. Don’t beat yourself up. You just made a misstep (one that you recognized). I wish you and your children the very best for the future.


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