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I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend


Hey Rosie,

I’ve been angry with myself for sometime now, and it’s getting to me. This is my problem. I have my girlfriend back in St.Vincent, and we’ve been together about two years now. About seven months ago, I made friends with a young lady working in the same hotel. Rosie, we usually spend a lot of time together, so much so that I’ve cheated, and recently she told me she wants us to have a relationship.{{more}}

Rosie did I do this because of my work and the fact that I have spent so many months away from home ? Rosie, I am confused and don’t want to hurt my girlfriend. I would really like to get your advice, which you have been giving in your weekly newspaper articles.


Hello Confused,

So let me clear this up. Are you living in SVG at the moment, or are you in another location? It would seem that you are not at the same place as your official girlfriend, correct? I just want to make sure I am clear on that piece of info.

Anyway, let me try and help you with what I do understand. The fact is, you ARE cheating on your present girlfriend. You are beating your self up because your conscience is getting to you. You are not enjoying having the cake whilst eating it as well.

In fact you are realizing that you are not a true “playa”. It is obviously bothering you that you have gone and started another relationship and still are with the other young lady. So what to do? You already know. Come clean. You will have to make a choice. Who do you want to be with? Your original girlfriend or this new flame, who by the way is stepping her game up because she wants you. If you don’t come clean with yourself, this is going to blow up in your face.

Also you may not be in the mental place to have a monogamous relationship. Have you thought about that as well? Maybe you should just date and let the ladies you meet know that you aren’t ready for a full commitment. Believe me, women would really appreciate that. More honesty and fewer games. It saves a lot of broken and hurt feelings in the long run.

Do the right thing. Make a choice. It is the only decent thing to do. Best of luck.


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