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I don’t know which man I should choose!


Hey Rosie,

I am a puzzled young lady at this particular time. I have four young men who are in love with me, and I don’t know which one to choose. Let me start from the beginning. I was with my ex-boyfriend for five years and we broke it off 6 months ago. Rosie, I`m not ugly, I am cute and thick so I can see why the guys are attracted to me.{{more}}

After we broke it off, I was hanging, when out of the blue sky, I fell in love with this guy and he did the same. But there is only one problem with him, he is a jealous person who doesn’t want me to speak with my guy friends.

The third one is a guy in my work place who has been trying to be with me now for the past year or so, but the more I reject him, the more persistent he is. The final person is my neighbor who I have known since I was young. We grew up together. He approached me and asked what do I think about having a relationship with him. I said no because he is my best friend. Whenever there’s something wrong, he would be the first to know. I can’t have a relationship with my best friend. It won’t be the same. When my ex heard the news that I had moved on to someone else, he began calling me, visiting me and doing some of the stuff like what we used to do when we were together. I would always love him and he knows that too, so he is using that against me. Rosie, I have a choice to make and don’t know what to do. Please shed some light on my situation.

Ian Ian

Dear Ian Ian,

You know they say that there is a drought on men, but people should move into YOUR neighborhood because it seems to be “raining men!” I have read and re-read your question and it always comes back to you!

If you look at the common denominator in this whole soap opera that is your life, you are the star! As you mentioned, you are a cute young woman who obviously has no problems attracting the opposite sex. However, you seem to attract the same person every time, just with a different name.

I am telling you no to all! Take some time my friend and discover yourself and what you are worth! No to the ex-boyfriend, been there, done that. No to the co-worker, when it is over between both of you there will be bad blood at work. No to the guy that “fell out of the sky” (where are these men falling from?) because you said that he is jealous and possessive, that is not good. Finally, no to the neighbor, he is your long time friend and confidant. Let him remain that way, please. We all need good friends and he seems to be one.

Ian Ian, you are a wonderful person who hasn’t fully realized her true potential in life. Step back for a while and take up some new interest like volunteering with children or at church etc. You may be surprised what you will discover about yourself! Good luck and carry a man umbrella for a while!


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