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Deadly dutty wine

Deadly dutty wine


The rapid and forceful neck movements in one direction with the buttocks in the opposite direction may serve to:

1. Cause the neck vertebrae to be dislocated. This could cause paralysis of one or both sides of the body. A sudden or massive dislocation or prolapse may lead to damage or severing of the spinal cord and instant death;{{more}}

2. Cause the discs between these vertebrae, the ‘shock absorbers’, to be displaced forward or backward impinging on the spinal cord or one or more of the exiting nerves which supply among other areas the hands, forearms and arm. This may result in numbness, or weakness in one or both upper limbs;

3. Accelerate degenerative changes (wear and tear) in the overused neck vertebrae leading to early arthritis of the neck and its effect of pain, weakness and numbness of the upper limbs;

4. Recurrent neck pain and stiffness, possible post-traumatic headaches,

dizziness and unsteady walking gait are some of the possible effects to be seen;

5. Fainting spells and black outs, with the possibility of epilepsy (fits) are likely complications as well;

6. Accidental collision with other persons or objects causing possible direct head or neck injury.