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Dance of death?

Dance of death?


This may result in numbness, or weakness in one or both upper limbs

IT may be the sexiest dance in vogue attractive hundreds but those in the know say it is also the most dangerous which could result in death or injury.

“I think it is rather potentially dangerous. It should be outlawed in the Caribbean,” Dr Adrian Lorde, a Sports Medicine doctor said.{{more}}

At the crux of the matter are the spine and spinal cord.

Chiropractor Gregory Thomas said that the acrobatic and sudden movements could dislocate one or more vertebrae.

When this happens it can lead to a range of health problems or death.

The nerve endings at each vertebrae control a different body function and depending on which are damaged, a range of ailments could arise including breathing problems, walking difficulties, numbness, frequent heaches, blackouts, or paralysis of the arms, legs or both, among other things.