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Two ways to fight Dengue Fever


Are you tired of annoying mosquitoes preying on you and your loved ones? Have you been bitten by a mosquito recently? If you have, BEWARE, you might have been bitten by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes mostly attack during the day, working mainly two or more hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset, carrying a disease called ‘Dengue’.

The mosquitoes that transmit Dengue live among humans and breed in discarded tyres, flower pots, oil drums, and water storage containers. You might not know the severity of this transmitted disease until you are infected. Dengue is a flu-like viral disease which can be spread by the bite of the infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito. Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever is a complicated, often fatal advancement of the dengue fever, where bleeding occurs, and occasionally, shock and death. {{more}}

What are the symptoms of Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever? Some symptoms of Dengue are: sudden, high fever; severe headaches; pain behind the eyes; muscle and joint pain; loss of appetite; nausea and vomiting; and a measles-like rash on your chest and upper limbs. Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever has similar symptoms to Dengue Fever but is more severe. Some symptoms of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever are; severe, continuous stomach pains, excess sweating; bleeding from nose; mouth and gums; skin bruising; vomiting; exhaustion; excessive thirst; constant crying; rapid weak pulse; difficult breathing, and fainting.

If you have any of these symptoms and have been bitten by a mosquito, it is recommended that you seek medical attention. Dengue can be diagnosed by having a blood test. The primary treatment for Dengue is rest and drinking plenty of fluids; however, as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

How can you prevent yourself from getting Dengue and eliminate mosquitoes from around your home?

• It is generally recommended that you get rid of old tyres; discard water in flower pot saucers regularly, empty and clean water bowls for dogs and cats, clean rain gutters, cover and seal wells, septic tanks and stored water.

• Also, to help protect you from mosquitoes and eliminate them from your home, you can use GO! Insect Repellent and BopInsecticide. GO! Insect Repellent is specifically formulated for your skin.

GO! repels biting insects such as mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks and fleas. GO! contains the active ingredient, DEET. Mosquitoes are attracted to the warmth and odours produced by humans; DEET blocks the receptors of the mosquitoes and deters the mosquitoes from attacking your skin. GO! is compatible with sun screen and can be sprayed on your skin before going to the beach, on picnics, and any other outdoor activities. You can also spray GO! before you go to school or work to provide long-lasting protection against mosquito bites. The active ingredient in GO! is non-greasy, and dries rapidly to produce a thin, invisible protective film for your skin that cannot be easily removed by wiping and perspiration. GO! can also be safely applied to your face and neck. When using on your face, simply spray on your hands and then apply to your face and neck.

Bop Insecticide is available in both Regular and Citronella fragrances which provide dual action with a unique formulation that targets both flying and crawling insects. Bop contains three main ingredients that “unleash” good knockout POWER, with superior killing action and long lasting residual effect. Bop is ozone friendly and would not harm you, your family, pets or the environment. Bop can be sprayed into your garbage cans; on window sills; onto rain gutters; along the bottom of walls or partitions, and in dark hiding places, such as underneath beds and in cupboards.

As with any consumer product, it is recommended that, before applying, you should read the instructions on the back panel.

Don’t wait to get Dengue! Be pro-active, get maximum dual protection by using Bop Insecticide and Go! Insect Repellent.

For your home, “GET SERIOUS, GET BOP”! And for you, “GO! FOR IT”, get GO!