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New book on Sickle Cell

New book on Sickle Cell


Doctors, other medical professionals, victims, or persons keen on knowledge about the Sickle Cell Disease can get more familiar with methods of handling the ailment.

Next Monday, August 21, a book called “Guide to Sickle Cell Disease” written by British-born Medical Practitioner Professor Graham Sergeant, will be launched at the St. Vincent Brewery at 4 p.m.{{more}}

Professor Sergeant is regarded as an authority on Sickle Cell Disease. He is a Hematologist stationed at the Mona Campus at the University of the West Indies from its inception.

The Professor has produced many papers on the topic, as well as two editions of a book entitled “Sickle Cell Disease”, published in 1985 and updated in 1992.

The person behind the unveiling of the new book is Vincentian Dr. Christian Anderson. He is President of the local Sickle Cell Association, and Vice President of a similar Caribbean body.

Monday’s launching is aimed at providing a “protocol of management for doctors throughout the world to use in handling persons affected by the disease,” Anderson outlined. Symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease are yellowness, paleness, and painful crisis.

Dr. Anderson noted that “lots of research” has gone into the Sickle Cell Disease.

According to practitioner, one in ten persons here have traits of the disease, and one in 300 to 500 persons have the disease.

The disease has killed many children and adults over the years, and Dr. Anderson outlined that many of the deaths have been owing to “insufficient Sickle Cell management.”

Dr. Anderson highlited the need for screening of new-born babies, which he outlined, was mandatory in some countries. He also echoed the importance of persons undergoing blood tests, in order to determine their status.

Anderson pointed to aspects of pneumonia, meningitis, chest syndrome, renal failure and blindness as effects of the Sickle Cell Disease.

The Vincentian medical practitioner noted a similarity in the Sickle Cell distribution between the West African nation of Ghana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.