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Love your hands, care for them

Love your hands, care for them


by Randa Velox 21.JUL.06 

When Cleo looks at her hands, it isn’t a pretty sight. Her nails are either splitting, peeling, flaking or brittle; her hands are dry, rough and chapped; and not just after washing a sink full of dishes, it is everyday, all the time. Clearly, Cleo is not a happy person when it comes to her hands.

The hands are a very essential part of the body; we use them to do numerous things. However, we tend to forget that they are on display all the time. For Instance, during a conversation, hand gestures are used to express our thoughts and feelings.{{more}}

Our hands serve us all day, everyday; yet most of us forget to serve them back. We do work outside and inside our homes, yet we pay little attention to taking care of them. Appearances don’t stop at the face. Gorgeous hands are the carriers of your personality, no matter your situation and age. After an eye contact, we tend to zero in on the hands. Our hands are the centres of communication at a party or job interview; they are our business card. Business deals and contracts are sealed with a handshake, so why would you want to take your hands for granted? Nice looking hands and well-manicured nails are an extension of a groomed appearance. Fancy designer clothes create no impact if the wearer has neglected hands.

Hands tell many things about you and how you live your life. It is said that it is easy to tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands, since the earliest sign of aging will show on your hands. Generally, skin on the back of the hands is soft and thin; therefore, If proper care is not taken, age shows faster on the hands in the form of wrinkles. The palm has no sebaceous gland (pertain to oil gland) so, it has no natural lubrication and can become dry, rough and chap easily.

Hand care should be a vital part of any woman’s or man’s beauty regime. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot a woman or man who gets a regular manicure. A well-groomed man or woman exudes signs of success, strength, self-confidence. Overall, he or she portrays such a strong presence that both women and men actually pay attention.



1. Wear gloves when washing dishes, dealing with chemicals, operating machinery and gardening. To prevent dirt and bacteria from getting underneath the nails, run your nails across a bar of soap, the soap gets under the nails instead of dirt. When you’re finished, remove the soap with a soft brush.

2. Moisturize your hands as many times as you can, Use a thick cream, apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on hands at nights and place them in cotton gloves or socks. The result is soft hands next day.

3. Protect your hands from the sun; use a sun block lotion.

4. Exfoliate once a week by removing dead skin cells from skin surface – (use 1 TBSP of cornmeal, 1/2 TBSP honey and juice from 1/2 lime. Apply mixture on your hands and massage for 4 to 5 minutes. Rinse. This is also an excellent scrub for your face; it leaves your skin soft and smooth. Always moisturize after.

5. Get bi-weekly maintenance manicures and a monthly paraffin wax treatment for deep moisturisng.

6. Exercising the hands keeps them flexible and improves circulation. Do the following exercises, repeating them six to ten times:


A. Make tight fists, then throw open your fingers as wide as possible.

B. Extend your hands in front of you – palms down. Press the fingers tightly next to each other, and then thrust them apart widely.

C. Relaxed your hands then rotate them from the wrists in circles, clockwise then counter clockwise.

Care is what produces beautiful hands. A visit to the nail salon weekly or bi-weekly for a manicure is a good start. Nail fungus and other hand related diseases could be avoided if we take care of one of the most vital body parts, our hands. It is very important to take time out and pamper ourselves, be it in the comfort of our homes or in a trip to the nail salon. This action can save us from embarrassing hands with cracks, flakes and an ashy appearance.

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