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‘Enhancing Adolescent Leadership’


A symposium for adolescent males took place Wednesday, July 19, at the Environmental Health Complex Conference room.

Some 12 participants were engaged in the symposium organised by the National Family Planning Programme (NFPP), along with the HIV/AIDS Unit and Youth Affairs Department.{{more}}

Addressing the participants, coordinator of the symposium Sister Naomi Prince said adolescence is a very good time in the life of a male where “we can influence the decision that they make. And as a result, the Programme is focusing on adolescents this year”.

According to Prince, adolescence is a very turbulent time in the life of any individual. Having gone through that period, they have the experience and knowledge, which they want to pass on to the young men.

Meanwhile, Youth Assistant Officer, Sylvester King believes there is a need for us as a society to examine and re-conceptualize what we perceive as being male or masculine.

He noted that in our context, identifying how the proper man is supposed to defend and be ready to accept the challenges of fatherhood is ambiguous; as Caribbean males received many conflicting messages in constructing masculinity and gender identity.

The participants will gain information on HIV/AIDS prevention and will look at the role of men in society, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem and conflict resolution, and how to be a good adolescent leader.

The workshop is held under the theme, “Enhancing Adolescent Leadership”.