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Scared I might have AIDS!



• Q: I got drunk one night, had sex and didn’t use a condom. I forgot everything I know. Now I’m scared I might have HIV. Please tell other people not to drink and have risky sex.

• A: I truly hope you don’t have HIV. Get tested so you can stop worrying. Remember, most people who get tested do not have HIV.

Drinking alcohol lowers inhibitions so sometimes you do things you would not normally do. And the biggest problem with drinking too much is that you are unlikely to admit it.{{more}}

Carnival is coming up and people will be drinking so the best thing to do is party in a group and make a commitment to look out for each other. You can also visit the Play-It-Safe booth for a free cup of coffee to give you time to sober up. (Coffee has not been shown to sober up a drunk person but the time spent drinking it keeps a person from having another alcoholic drink.)