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Check with physician before taking any performance enhancing drugs


Once you have checked with your physician to ensure that all is well with your heart and have been given a clean bill of health, feel free to get your Viagra, Enhance or any such “performance enhancing” drug.

This “good” news to men comes from Dr. Rohan DeShong who dispelled the horror stories associated with such sexual performance enhancing drugs. In a recent interview with SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH, DeShong said that the reports of men dropping dead from heart attacks after using drugs of that nature has to do with the flouting of very important guidelines.{{more}}

“Those drugs are not over-the-counter drugs and should only be used in consultation with your physician.”

DeShong told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that the problem that sometimes occurs often has nothing to do with the drug, but rather the lack of fitness of the user. “If a man isn’t fit, has a heart condition, and uses these drugs, he can in fact get a heart attack not because of the drug, but rather the physical exertion of the sexual act.”

In a humorous twist DeShong alluded to the observation that the men who do need the “help” are the ones who have tabooed these drugs, while young healthy men, who may not need it, are the ones using and sometimes abusing them.

Stressing the importance of sexual health, DeShong highlighted that many more men than we would like to believe suffer from erectile dysfunction, that is, they are unable to gain or maintain an erection to facilitate sexual intercourse. He however suggested that in men under 40 years old, the main problem might be psychological rather than physical.

The experienced urologist also poked holes in what is considered par performance for a man having sexual intercourse. “Sex is an intricate process, it is more than physical,” explained DeShong, stressing that men must be taught that many factors, including their mood, who they are having sex with, their frame of reference; whether the other person is their steady partner or a fling and many other things contribute to the length of time before they ejaculate.