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Looking good after pregnancy

Looking good after pregnancy


There is always a rush of paparazzi to capture pictures of superstars’ weight loss journey after having babies, and long lines of curious people wanting to find out their secrets. High profile Hollywood stars like Denise Richards, Angie Harmon, Holly Robinson Peete and Sara Evans were highlighted in a recent edition of PEOPLE magazine, with Richards slashed on the cover. The story’s headline was “Body after Baby”.{{more}}

St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the OECS’s No. 1 squash player and personal trainer James Bentick tells mothers that there is no big secret to looking good after pregnancy. In fact if mothers are willing to forget “old wives tales” that say that babies can be harmed if mothers exercise while pregnant, they would realize that they can even avoid putting on too much weight during their pregnancy.

“Unless there are medical difficulties, pregnant mothers can and should continue their exercise regiment,” stated Bentick who is also a Level 2 certified squash coach. He told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that a mother can continue her normal exercise routine up to eight months into her term.

The former gym owner and manager recommended lots of walking, stretching and yoga for pregnant mothers. “Static bicycle riding and treadmill work is also good for them,” Bentick said. He however stressed the importance of diet to work along with the exercising. “Pregnant women must avoid processed carbohydrate products.”

After the required rest period after delivery, Bentick advises new mothers to get back with their programme and is confident this type of discipline will reap good rewards and get off the dreaded “baby fat.”

“Mothers can even use their babies in their exercise routine which also helps with the bonding,” stated Bentick. He explained that babies can be used as weights to do hand exercises and placed on mothers’ laps while they do sit up exercises.

The Top 10-ranked Caribbean squash player encouraged pregnant women and those who have recently given birth to make exercise and healthy eating part of their lifestyle. “I just came back from a stint in Tortola and was working with a lady who was seven-and-a-half months pregnant,” highlighted Bentick. He told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that he was so impressed with her exercise work ethic and how well she carried herself.